Shalom Dorm Project

Project: Shalom

Date:  on going at all times: 24/7Shalom Girls
Project Location: Shalom, Cruzadas Mission Compound, La Ceiba, Honduras

       Sandy Palencia: cruzadas.sandy@gmail.com
       Suyapa: shalom212009@hotmail.com
       Dr. Tom Camp: llamacamp@gmail.com

Information: Shalom was established 10 years ago for a safe house for "at risk" girls in the teen to early adult age range in Honduras.  Shalon is located in the protected mission compound of Cruzadas del Evangelico in La Ceiba, Honduras.  The girls all attend school and many of them work in the local area.  In addition, each has/needs a sponsor to help defray the expenses of their home, schooling, clothes, etc.  The sponsorship allows the girls to further their eduction and prepare them to be proactive, competent, well educated leaders in their community after they leave Shalom.  We are currently looking for 3 new sponsors for 3 new girls who have recently joined the Shalom house.  For more on this project, take a look at related articles on this web page or contact any of the persons listed above.



Shalom Report Summer 2013



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