Mission Unlimited, a story about involvement with Alabama Honduras Medical/Educational Network
Chris and Ken Key
About 4 years ago I began to see all these articles in the local paper about the trips the Alabama Hondurans teams were taking to Honduras.
Well, since Mission Unlimited is in the international shipping business and had done lots of work in Honduras, I called and asked if I could help with the shipping. I thought Hurricane Mitch had hit home. This was about the time Hurricane Mitch was winding down but the airlines and shipping companies were still willing to help. Prior to this the Alabama Honduran group were only taking what the airline would accept as luggage.
After we came on board, we were able to ship several pallets either free or at a reduced cost.
After this we offered to ship a 40-foot container and it sort of shook up the Alabama team. They told me they didn’t think the group could come up with enough to fill the container.
So, I made them a deal. If they couldn’t come up with enough cargo, we would fill the rest from our warehouse – which we did. I think we have shipped 7 or 8 fully loaded 40 ft. containers to date.
It takes a lot of coordination and planning to collect and ship 40 ft. container to a third world country but we do it.
It takes all of the Hondu4ran group along with Mission Unlimited crew, warehouse, forklifts and a boatload of paper work that has to be hand delivered by carrier in the country it is shipped to.
Chris Key is our loadmaster here at the Missions Unlimited warehouse in Jasper, Alabama where we collect and ship via Chiquita Banana Co.
A group home and school to 13 little precious girls make all the effort of shipping the container worth it.
Mission Unlimited has giver these girls a home of protection from the evils of the bad people of Honduras where they kidnap and make sex slave of them
Our goal, at the Haven is to teach, educate, home and protect them until they are old enough and educated enough fiend for them. We hope to eventually house a40 girls and let them leave there in a few years with a good Christian foundation what might change the country some day.
Best Regards:
Ken and Chris Key
Mission Unlimited
POBox 929
Jasper, Al, USA



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