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On this stormy Friday I sit on top of my freshly made bed. Below me are three quilts that two of my grandmothers made for me over the years. On bottom is the last quilt my Momma Dot ever made, and layered on top are two Meno quilts. They bring me Nelso Solowarmth. They bring me comfort. They bring me love. Most of all, however, they remind me of the generations before me who worked hard to get me to where I am today: a BA and MA degree holder, a teacher, and a missionary. With a reported threat of twisters and hailing balls of ice in the sky I consider the fortunes of some of my Honduran brethren. Do they have people that love them? Yes, of course they do, but can those loved ones provide the same opportunities with which I have been blessed? No.
That is why the AHMEN-SIFAT Initiative is so important. The 3-year community development workshop offers a quality education in critical thinking, integral health, nutrition, self-motivation, appropriate technology, and a means to train as the future leaders of Honduras. They comprise a partnership with Honduran families and a pathway toward being able to manifest their own destinies. Will you please join me in a monthly donation to ASI today so that over 120 community agents may positively transform the social, political, and economic landscape of Honduras unto the 7th generation? There, really is, no time to waste.
What goes on at the three ASI workshops in Cusuna, Jutiapa, and Yorito? Well, check AHMEN's YouTube to learn more about Cusuna. Read this blog for info from Yorito's chief community agent, and continue reading for a look into Jutiapa.
Forty-five promoters currently attend ASI-Jutiapa. Some of them, not all, are in the pictures below. Most, not all, of them live in the area. They are highly motivated. Some even skip a chance to earn money working in order to walk for hours just to quench a deep thirst for education.
Local municipalities support the ASI workshops. One truly remarkable aspect of ASI-Jutiapa, however, is that the mayor's office actively partners with the community agents as a resource for food, logistics, and feedback. In Honduras, where government often acts as a hurdle to progress, support from local officials is crucial to transformation.The development of individual minds through group discussion also represents a key component of the AHMEN-SIFAT Inititiative. ASI provides a mechanism by which often very different individuals may express their own opinions and experiences without fear of reprisal. “Paso a Paso” the workshops permit individual community agents to develop an understanding that they matter and that they are part of a dedicated community committed to shaping a more just and merciful society in Honduras.
Won't you help me reshape missions in Hondurans?  Let's move forward by proclaiming the Jubilee! Whatever your thought of missions, take a closer look with me.

Please stay tuned for more updates on each of the three ASI community development workshops. Please pray that this program is able to continue. Please begin making your monthly donation today, and please contact me to learn more about how to join a team to Honduras working with one of these vital centers of transformation.

Medical mission to Limon Honduras May 23 -31, 2014 looking for team members if you or someone you know is interested in a mission trip please contact me Lou Altman laaltman Cost is approx. $1600 includes airfare,lodging, food.


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The Spring dates are arranged to avoid the Easter holiday break in Honduras, as well as to avoid conflicts with Easter break here, while providing the earliest possible arrival for supplies for the May mission teams. Yours in Service, Pam Greene AHMEN Logistics Team Leader 205.669.9279

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Dresses bring smiles to the faces of children

Shades Mountain Women's Club in Birmingham, Alabama brings smiles to young girls in rural village of Limon, Honduras. Kathy, from the women's club who make dresses from throw away materials begin sending their dresses to Honduras last year. When team leader Lou Altman worked in Limon she asked the "clinic mom" Corina to identify some young girls in the village who needed dresses. Pictured below is the results. Thanks ladies of the Shades Mountain Women's Club.

The most recent edition of the CHIMESTIMES, a newsletter published by a small group of people dedicated to supporting the medical clinic in Ciriboya, Honduras is now out.
Two important announcements: 1. We will be showing the film "Revolutionary Medicine" at the Sol Collective. It describes the building of the medical clinic in Ciriboya.
Date: Wednesday, May 7th Time: 7:00 pm
Place: The Sol Collective 2574 21st St (just off Broadway)
2. We have just received a list of needed building materials for the birthing and surgery centers located next to the medical clinic. We will send this list out separately and will be asking for your help to make these centers a reality for the people in the region. Hope to see you at the movie. As always, if you no longer wish to receive our emails just let us know.
Chris Bender

Contact List Update
The Alabama Honduras Medical Education Network (AHMEN) is compiling and organizing our contact lists. The link below will open a form which will enable us to gather your current contact information, and to ask your opinion on key issues about our work in Honduras. We would like to know about your interests, your skills and your experience. All information you share with us is for AHMEN use only and will not be shared. The questionnaire will take but a few moment to complete. Upon completion simply click the SUBMIT button at the bottom. Your responses will be added to a database that will assist us to better serve the poor of Honduras. Feel free to leave any responses unanswered. Thank you.
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Flight News You Can Use
Delta Airlines allows Medical Supplies and Equipment to be checked without counting against your normal allowance. See the attached copy of their website information.
The rules are clear that the checked item must contain only medical supplies and must meet normal size and weight restrictions. When our team traveled in March, each person who checked medical supplies carried a copy of the attached sheet.
For me, the ticket agent was not aware of the policy; however, when I showed her the document, she called a supervisor who acknowledged this policy and did whatever was necessary to override the extra baggage fee.
Because some of our volunteers often fly United, we researched their website and did not find the same statement. We then contacted them via postal mail only to find that United does not have the same policy.
Hope this is helpful.
Peggy Hook Team Leader
Limon, Honduras - Sewing School Graduation: 2012.
Teacher Yolanda from Limon Sewing School, AHMEN's oldest "project" and oldest running school, reports the following re. the graduation. All Students worked hard. They had 7 graduates from the first year. They had 4 graduates from the second year. The teachers were happy with the progress of the students. All are looking forward to next year. Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year.Sewing School Graduation

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Dr. Delmar Montoya to visit Alabama

Dr. Delmar visits Alabama
Pictured here is Dr. Montoya and Team Leader Peggy Polhemus

Dr. Delmar Montoya will be in Alabama When? March 20-26, this year Where? Columbiana, Alabama He will be staying in the home of Sharon Bentley, AHMEN team leader. Sharon reports he would love to see any and all of his Alabama AHMEN friends. She has plenty of room for anyone to visit or even spend the night. Her home is in the middle of Columbiana and is easy to get to. Delmar is a long time friend of AHMEN and has worked with many AHMEN teams in his capacity of doctor as well as interpreter. For details contact: Sharon Bentley: (205) 669-6375 or
Peggy Polhemus: (205) 240-0321

The Way to La MosKita
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